Undergraduate Transfer Students

甘肃快3必中公式,甘肃快3必中公式APPWe're glad you're interested in transferring to ULM. Each year, ULM welcomes almost 1,000 students who began their college career elsewhere.

For Louisiana students completing a?two-year degree?program at a community colllege or other school, please see the?Louisiana Transfer Degree Guarantee?site for specific information.

what to do...

1. Check the Undergraduate Transfer Admission Requirements, shown at right.

2. Create an , select and submit the Undergraduate Application, and pay the $20 application fee with a credit or debit card.

3. Request official transcripts from all previous college work (except ULM) to be mailed to:

University of Louisiana Monroe
Office of Admissions
700 University Avenue
Monroe, LA 71209

If you are sending a transcript by?escript,?send it to?docman@ulm.edu.

Students under current suspension and those who cannot furnish official transcripts are not eligible to enroll at ULM.

4.甘肃快3必中公式,甘肃快3必中公式APP Submit completed??form.

5. Once admitted, regularly check your new "warhawks.ulm.edu" student email account for financial aid and other information. Log in at?.

After you're admitted, see:??[pdf]

Housing information will be mailed after acceptance to the University.

Any Questions?甘肃快3必中公式,甘肃快3必中公式APP?Contact us!


(318) 342-3028



ACT/SAT scores are required for admission and scholarship consideration and must be delivered electronically to ULM directly from ACT or SAT. Paper copies will not be processed unless received directly from ACT or SAT if no electronic copy is available. To register for a test or to request your scores be sent to ULM, see the information below.

?- ULM code: 1598
?- ULM code: 6482